Twitter launches feature to tag “good bots”

When you think of bots, you probably think of them negatively. This is because bots have been widely used to send spam messages, acquire rare items to resell at astronomical prices, launch denial-of-service attacks, etc.

Although, not all bots are badbut some can be useful for displaying content like weather alerts, sharing news and more.

This is because posting these updates manually is sometimes not as efficient and having a bot allows accounts to post information at any time of day.

That’s why Twitter he released officially labels that allow users to identify their bot-like accounts.

With these tags, every time users see an automated tweet, they will know why it is being sent by a bot.

Twitter launched this feature in 2021 and tested it with a few accounts, but it appears to be available now for all users who want to add the bot tag to their accounts.

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