Twitter has doubled the time to edit tweets, but it’s still restricted to Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter Blue users now have mMore time to edit your tweets after hitting the submit button.

The social media giant announced that Blue subscribers “they now have up to 1 hour to edit their Tweets”. The feature was introduced last year, but users only had 30 minutes to fix their bugs.

The announcement was made via the official Blue Twitter account, which initially tweeted that the edit window was 30 minutes, which led to some confusion among users. Although, the tweet was updated after a few minutes to reflect that the edit window had been duplicated.

Since its arrival, the ability to edit tweets has remained limited to Twitter Blue subscribers. One thing to note is that users can only edit tweets to make changes like update text, tag someone or reorder attached images. Users can also view older versions of a Tweet by clicking on the “Last edited” option.

The Twitter Blue subscription offers other benefits such as a higher character limit of up to 10,000 characters, search and conversation priority ranking, NFT profile pictures, longer video uploads, reader mode, custom app icons, and more.

despite being paid Twitter’s monthly subscription does not yet offer an ad-free experience to users. For now, Twitter says on its support page that it is “working on a feature that will reduce the number of ads you see.”

The last change took place a few weeks after Linda Yaccarino joined the company as a new delegate from Twitter and X Corp. Twitter’s previous decision to dispense with the old blue tags in its Blue payment offer has sparked criticism and accusations of identity theft.

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