Twitter has changed its face. The new font divides users

If you are a daily user of Twitter, you may have already noticed some changes in the social network in the last hours. No, it is not your account error. Twitter has made some design changes, the most visible being the new font

This news began to reach mobile users, but also those who use the social network from the web. The objective of the social network is to make it more “accessible, unique and focused on you and what you are talking about”.

Do you notice something different? Today, we released some changes to the appearance of Twitter on the web and on your phone. While it may seem strange at first, these updates make us more accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you’re talking about. Let’s take a deeper look. 🧵

– Twitter Design (@TwitterDesign) August 11, 2021

Chirp: New Font is Twitter’s big change

It was in January that Twitter launched its new font for the first time. The “Chirp”. This may seem strange at first, but it is the new standard. Like any change, it ended up dividing users.

If many users have accepted the changes naturally, others say they “hate the new font more than anything.” In addition, several users ask to be given the option to choose between using the new font or the old one.

Chirp is much worse than the previous one. It is more difficult to read due to uneven kerning, equal heights, and oddly bulbous rounded letters; as a result, they appear to be misaligned. *.

– Tawnus Kannara Grevy 🖤🏳️‍🌈🖤🏳️‍⚧️🖤 (@tawnuskgrevy) August 11, 2021

In addition to the new font, Twitter colors now have more contrast and less blue. In this way, the social network wants to focus more on the photos or videos you share. The buttons are also more contrasted and the spaces have been increased to facilitate the reading of the text.

Did you like these changes on Twitter? Tell us in the comments.

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