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Twitter for Android changes its name and icon, here is the “X” application

It’s the end of the blue bird! Even on the Android side of the mobile world, we’ll have to say goodbye to the name and icon, along with all the visual identity that was previously associated with the brand. twitter. The future, under the baton of Elon Musk, will go through the new application x.

After completing one of the largest brand changes that we remember in recent years, the social network belonging to Elon Musk begins to assume its new identity. The era of Twitter and its mascot in blue tones over, it’s time to welcome the new X.

It’s time to say goodbye to Twitter and say hello to X

Twitter X

This is the general update of the Twitter application, which is already being distributed to Android users through the Google Play Store, updating various elements. From the name to the icon to the key visuals, this is the all-in-one update for Twitter.

The change in progress has already reached a good number of users of the Twitter application on Android devices, radically changing its appearance. By the way, the same list of the application in the Google Play Store already begins to show the new brand, the new brand from the old Blue Bird Twitter.

Similarly, the page of the developer/company responsible for the app is now presented as X Corp., an entity illustrated solely with dark images, with no further context. That is, keep in mind the

Page developer / entity responsible for Twitter @ X Corporation.

These changes have been applied all over the world for the last few hours, not only in the Google Play Store, but also in the App Store for iOS (iPhone). There we also have the reference to X Corp. as the entity responsible for the application in question.

Although for the moment it is still visible, the blue bird itself will also have its days numbered, just like the name of the social network itself. Apparently this rebrand it is a work in progress, gradually moving towards the new identity.

Listing of the Twitter application in the App Store for iOS.

At the same time, we also have other organic changes such as the name of the program/subscription method in this social network, which is no longer called Twitter Blue to be simply nicknamed “Blue”.

It should be noted that this update of the brand and the social network is being implemented gradually and in stages throughout the world. So don’t be surprised if your Android and/or iOS app changes dramatically overnight.

Ultimately, it will be a game changer, an integral part of Elon Musk’s efforts to create a new social ecosystem.

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