Twitter experiences problems with links, images and access

Twitter experienced a series of problems on Monday: links didn’t work, users couldn’t log in and it was impossible to upload images.

The company, which has suffered a series of setbacks since Elon Musk slashed payroll a few months ago, announced that “Some Twitter features may not work as they should right now. We have made an internal change that had unintended consequences.”

If you tried to access Twitter’s support page on Monday, you’d get an error message stating “Your current subscription plan doesn’t include access to this feature” and lead to a link to a software developer that didn’t work either. .

Musk tweeted on Monday: “This platform is so fragile (sigh). We’ll fix it shortly.”

The company tweeted shortly after 10 a.m. Pacific time that it had already fixed the matter.

According to Downdetector, users began reporting crashes shortly before noon ET. Digital affairs expert firm NetBlocks said that “Twitter is currently experiencing delays and glitches internationally that are affecting large numbers of users” and that the glitches were affecting images and video as well. Some users could not see images uploaded by others.

Engineers and experts at Twitter have been warning that the platform is at increasing risk of crashing since Musk fired most of the people who kept it running. Last month, a bug prevented many users from sending tweets.

In November, several engineers who left Twitter detailed to The Associated Press why they believe it will be a rocky road for its more than 230 million users, now that more than two-thirds of the company’s payroll has left. They have gone.

While they don’t anticipate a crash any time soon, the engineers predicted that some features of Twitter will be hampered, especially if Musk makes major changes without testing them first.

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