Twitter employees fear they will fire the entire squad in Spain

Sources from Twitter workers in Spain have assured Efe that they fear "extinction" of the workforce of the technology company in the national territory, approximately thirty workers, and who are organizing to seek legal advice.

The sources of the company’s workers have informed Efe that all the active workers of the company in Spain have received an email announcing that jobs are being cut, and they are urged to wait to receive a communication about it.

Employees have also received a document that provides information on the process such as possible compensation, applicable legislation or the number of people affected worldwide, which amounts to around 50% of the total workforce.

The company’s operating system "bird house" has been temporarily disconnected while the changes are executed, the same document points out.

Layoffs of employees outside the United States, as is the case in Spain, will be governed by the national legislation of each country.

Twitter employees in Spain continue to have access to their computers, according to the same sources, although they suspect that they will all be fired and the management of the company’s business in Spain will be diverted to Ireland.

Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, said on Friday that the technology company loses four million dollars a day, although he did not specify the total number of layoffs – the US press has estimated them at more than 3,700, which represents more than half. of its global workforce.

In his profile on the social network, Musk justified the layoffs by saying that "there is no choice when the company is losing about four million a day".

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