Twitter advertises Communities, a place to tweet about topics that interest you

Twitter is a useful place to catch up on the latest news and keep up with what the people you follow are doing, but it suffers from a lack of discovery features and organized spaces to connect with like-minded people.

The company is thinking about changing that. it is last experience, called Communities, is designed to facilitate connection around common interests.

Users will be able to participate in communities and Tweet directly to other people with common interests rather than your usual group of followers. These tweets will remain public, but responses will be limited to other members of the community.

Communities will be generated by users, although Twitter says they will be “limited”For now, most people will have to wait a few months before starting their own groups.

The first Communities will focus on popular themes such as “Dogs, weather, tennis, skin care and astrology”. Twitter sample images also include black women’s cryptocurrencies, plants and photographers (?).

Testing starts on Wednesday and will appear in a dedicated location at the bottom of the iOS app or on the side menu. Android users will also be able to read community tweets, though there will be “more features” coming soon, likely a dedicated app guide and the ability to join and join new groups.

Communities will be created and maintained by moderators, which will have the ability to invite other users to the group by text message and delete content posted to the group.

Initially, invitations will be the only way to join a communityBut it looks like Twitter has big plans for discovery features that make it easier for people to find places they’d like to hang out.

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