Twelve firefighters and police injured by a madman in Germany

The motivations for the act are not yet known but the results are worrying. Twelve firefighters and police were injured Thursday in Germany in an explosion caused by a man. Some of the injured are seriously and the lives of some are even “in danger”, indicated on the television channel NTV the Minister of the Interior of the region, Herbert Reul.

The 57-year-old madman was arrested in his accommodation in Ratingen, in western Germany. The firefighters and police first went to the scene after being contacted because of a possible fire in the accommodation and the presence inside of a person in need of help.

Antivax positions

When the firefighters and the police arrived, the occupant of the apartment “triggered an explosion” in their direction, said the minister, without specifying the nature. According to the daily Picture and the NTV channel, he then allegedly set fire to gasoline or another flammable substance spilled in the entrance to his apartment.

The maniac then closed the door and continued to set fire to the rest of the accommodation, before being arrested by special police forces. The latter then found in the apartment a lifeless body, burned. “It is probably the mother” of the suspect, said the Minister of the Interior. According Picturethe man was known for his anti-vaccine stance on Covid-19 on social media.

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