Tusk and his cabinet take the oath of office before the Polish president

The Polish government under Donald Tusk took the oath of office before the President this morning at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. Andrzej Dudain a law that officially opens the new legislative period.

Tusk, which surpassed the previous evening the motion of confidence in Parliament With an absolute majority thanks to the support of a broad center-right coalition traveled to Brussels today to take part in the European Summit.

The former President of the European Council was elected Prime Minister by Parliament in the so-called second constitutional step after the government of Mateusz MorawieckiOriginally appointed prime minister by the Polish president, the vote of confidence in the lower house failed two weeks ago.

The newly appointed board faces pressing challenges, such as preparing and approving general budgets in less than two weeks implement important institutional reforms.

In the justice sector, he will face resistance from President Duda, who represents an ultra-conservative ideology and is similar to the previous government.

In his speech, Duda warned Tusk that he “must do everything to ensure that Poland remains a sovereign and independent state in Europe” and called on the new government to do so “Keep decisions that have been implemented and worked well” during the last legislative period.

One of the first decisions of the new Council of Ministers will be to conduct audits in their respective ministries as well as in all public companies. Immediate replacements are expected in the management of state television and the largest Polish company, the energy company Orlen.

Tusk will govern on behalf of an alliance of more than 15 parties that emerged after the October 15 elections, with which they achieved an absolute majority a liberal, progressive and pro-European program.

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