Türkiye: Erdogan favorite of the second round of the presidential election

When the polls opened in Turkey on the morning of May 28, there was less enthusiasm than in the first round. Recep Erdogan supporters set the tone. “The chips are down. The elections are democratic, we will win with 53 or 54% of the vote”, thinks one of them. In the corridors, there are also fewer voters than 15 days ago. “With a difference of 2.5 million votes, our lead is too great for the opposition to catch up with us, it’s impossible for them”says another supporter.

Some still want to believe in change

Each ballot placed in the ballot box is decisive for the future of the country. The hope of a change for the opposition has faded but some still want to believe in it. Twins, 20 years old, the number of years in power of Erdogan, say: “We have hope (…) we just want a little respect, the minimum”. The results will be known at 8 p.m. (Paris time).

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