Turkey’s Alliance with Thebes: Understanding the Relationship

LaLiga and Saudi Arabia Strengthen Ties with Strategic Partnerships

LaLiga President Javier Tebas and Saudi Minister of Entertainment Turki Al-Sheikh Meet in London

In a recent meeting in London, LaLiga President Javier Tebas and Saudi Minister of Entertainment Turki Al-Sheikh discussed several strategic agreements and sponsorship contracts between LaLiga and Saudi Arabia. The meeting took place at a luxurious hotel in London, where the two parties discussed potential partnerships with major events, important matches, and cooperation plans.

Future Plans and Cooperation between LaLiga and Saudi Arabia

The meeting highlights the significance of Saudi Arabia’s economic power and the importance of building strategic future plans between the two parties. As the head of the Saudi government’s entertainment department, Turki Al-Sheikh was a key figure in the meeting, and the former adversaries have seemingly put their differences aside.

From Conflicts to Cooperation

In March 2021, Tebas gave Turki a dressing-down during a presentation of the report on the impact of the coronavirus and the cost limits of each sports squad. However, it appears that all differences have been resolved, and LaLiga is now eager to tap into the Saudi Arabian market.

New Era of Cooperation

Following the meeting, Tebas and Turki Al-Sheikh appeared in a video on social media, where Tebas assured that they would continue to work together on major projects and open an office in Riyadh in the near future. It seems that the two parties have put their differences aside and are focused on building a stronger partnership.

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