Turkey Syria Earthquake; Deaths exceeded 19,000, millions homeless

The death toll from the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 19,000, while millions of people are forced to live under the open sky in the bitter cold after being displaced.

The February 6 earthquake in Turkey and large parts of Syria set a new record of devastation and destruction. The number of people who died in both countries due to this catastrophic natural disaster has increased to more than 19 thousand 300.

According to Arab media reports, 16 thousand 200 people have died in Turkey and more than 3 thousand 100 people have died in Syria.

Turkish authorities have so far confirmed the death of 14 thousand and 3 thousand 162 people in Syria, while from the debris.

Despite all the efforts, the relief teams have not reached some areas so far.

Turkey’s Hatay province, the temporary home of around 500,000 Syrian refugees, is one of the most affected areas by the earthquake.

Roads and the civil airport near Hatay’s capital, Antakya, have also been badly damaged, delaying aid deliveries there.

The Syrian refugees in Hatay say that they left their native areas and came here to save their lives, but their troubles are still not over, the situation caused by the earthquake is even worse than the bombing in Syria.

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