Turkey Earthquake, the search for life from the rubble of buildings was ended

Two weeks after the devastating earthquake in Turkey-Syria, the search for life from the rubble of the buildings was called off.

The earthquake on February 6 destroyed the city. Thousands of buildings became piles of rubble. More than 6,000 aftershocks also added to the difficulties. The search for those buried alive continued for two weeks.

The rescue teams have now called off the rescue search operation in all the affected areas except Ramanmaras and Hatay.

Teams from all over the world are returning to their homeland. The people of Turkey thanked those who helped, while social workers expressed their grief by placing piles of rubble on the rubble of a collapsed kindergarten building in Hatay.

According to the authorities, 41 thousand people died in Turkey and more than 5 thousand 800 people in Syria. On the other hand, the US Secretary of State announced another million dollar aid for Turkey. Antony Blanken will meet with President Tayyip Erdogan today.

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