Turkey Earthquake: Actor of Turkish drama Osman Ghazi and his wife died after being buried under the debris.

Actor Jagdas Jankia and his wife, who played the role of Turkish drama Korulish Osman, died in the worst earthquake in Turkey.

The actor who played an important role in the famous Turkish series Korulish Osman (Osman Ghazi) in the earthquake in Turkey. Jagdas knew your wife Zalan Tigers As a result of the earthquake, Kurjan died under the debris. Bozdagh Films, the production company of Korulish Osman’s play, has confirmed Jagdas and his wife’s death.

Actor Jagdas, who died in the earthquake, played the role of an important soldier of the Konya Palace in the Turkish drama series Osman Ghazi.

The death toll from the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 37,000. While 9 days have passed since the earthquake. Rescue operations have been called off in several affected areas.

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