Turkey already has the US's F-16: that's the astronomical amount it has to pay

The US State Department reported on Friday evening the approval of the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey following the signature of the Turkish president. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, when Sweden joined NATO. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to approve a possible foreign military sale to the Republic of Turkey for the acquisition and modernization of F-16 aircraft and related equipment estimated cost of 23,000 million dollars” (approx. 21,172 million euros), said a statement from the Defensive Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the department of the Pentagon responsible for agreements on the sale of military materials to US allies.

The agreement between Washington and Ankara will allow Turkey to acquire up to 40 F-16 aircraft, among other things 79 kits to modernize your current fleet. Beyond the materiel, Turkey will also benefit from “personnel training and training equipment, contractor and U.S. government technical, engineering and logistical support services and studies, and other related elements of logistics and program support.”

The United States has defended that “this sale will support the country's foreign policy and national security objectives” by improving the air capabilities and interoperability of a NATO ally that represents a force for political and economic stability in Europe.

F-35 fighter for Greece

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry also announced this Friday Greece can buy up to 40 F-35 fighters and related equipment thanks to an agreement worth up to $8.6 billion (more than €7.9 billion). In this case, he has argued that “the proposed sale will allow Greece to modernize and improve its air force to ensure the defense of its airspace, contribute to NATO missions to maintain regional security and defend NATO allies. “

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This announcement comes after Erdogan officially signed the document this Thursday confirming that Ankara agreed to it Sweden's entry into the Atlantic Alliance, However, this process will only be completed if Hungary follows the same steps as Turkey.

Both Finland and Sweden applied to join the NATO security alliance after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, while Finland is already part of the organization, Sweden's candidacy had to contend with the “but” from Erdogan, who called on Stockholm to do more to suppress supporters of separatist groups banned in Turkey.

So did the American president Joe Biden made approval of Sweden's NATO membership an essential prerequisite for the sale of F-16 aircraft to Turkey.

With Ankara's approval, Sweden's accession to the Atlantic bloc is now in the hands of the Hungarian parliament, paralyzing the process in a context intertwined with negotiations in the EU over Hungary's lifting of its veto on a 50 billion fund. Euro aid for Ukraine.

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