Turismo Carretera: Werner won an interrupted race in Posadas

Mariano Werner (Ford) prevailed this Sunday in the final of an interrupted Road Tourism competition, which took place at the Rosamonte racetrack in the city of Posadas and which ended due to an extension of time and not with the estimated 25 laps. The 34-year-old pilot from Paraná established a cumulative time of 50m 29.685/1,000 to cover the 22 laps of the 4,370-meter long track.

The race exhibited four neutralizations with the entry of a safety car, due to different incidents and oversights, which marginalized Esteban Gini (Torino), Otto Fritzler (Ford), Emiliano Spataro (Ford), Juan Catalán Magni (Ford), Mauricio Lambiris (Ford), Christian Ledesma (Chevrolet), Diego Ciantini (Chevrolet) and Facundo Ardusso (Chevrolet), among others.

Werner, new leader of the championship with 241.5 units and two-time champion of the category for titles in 2020 and 2021, won by 807 thousandths of a difference over Gastón Mazzacane (Chevrolet) from La Plata. The third step of the podium was in the hands of Matías Rossi (Toyota) from Buenos Aires, at 2s799/1000. José Manuel Urcera (Torino), the last champion from Rio Negro, finished fourth, at 3s053/1000. Meanwhile, Valentín Aguirre (Dodge) from Arrecife guaranteed the plurality of brands in the top positions, arriving fifth, at 3s727/1000.

Further back were Juan Bautista De Benedictis (Ford) from Necochán, Juan Martín Trucco (Dodge) from Tres Algarrobos, Leonel Pernía (Ford) from Tandil, Santiago Mangoni (Chevrolet) from Balcarceño and Gabriel Ponce de León (Junión). Ford) to round out the top ten.

“We really like Posadas but we weren’t as forceful as we were this Sunday. We made 3-4 changes that made the car really tight. Just as sometimes we make mistakes, today everything went perfect for us, ”admitted Werner, who had also won the 2015 and 2021 editions at the Misiones racetrack.

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The man from Entre Ríos, who achieved his 23rd. triumph in the highest local automobile category, recognized “the encouragement of the people who gave us a lot of love,” he said in the radio broadcast of Champions.

With these results and having played the first 8 competitions of the tournament, Werner (Ford) is the new leader with 241.5 points; followed by Julián Santero (Ford) from Mendoza, with 218.5. Further back in the contest are Mangoni (Chevrolet), with 217.5 units; Lambiris (Ford), 209.5; Jonatan Castellano (Dodge), 203.5; Catalan Magni (Ford), 197.5.

In the TC Track division, the final was in the hands of Facundo Chapur (Torino) from Cordoba, who prevailed over Jeremías Olmedo (Ford) from Salta and Agustín Martínez (Ford) from Entre Ríos. The leader of the championship is Tobías Martínez (Chevrolet), from San Juan, with 294 points; followed by Agustín Martínez (Ford), with 276.5.

The next race on the annual calendar will be at the El Villicum racetrack in San Juan, on Sunday the 23rd of this year, where the so-called “Challenge of the Stars” will take place.

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