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Tunisian migrant boat capsizes, 4 dead and 19 missing

A boat carrying Tunisian migrants capsized this weekend off the coast of Tunisia, leaving four dead and 19 missing. A total of 30 migrants were seated in the small boat. “Seven were rescued,” said Farid Ben Jha, spokesperson for the Mahdia and Monastir court.

Four people were arrested for having participated in the organization of this attempt to cross the Mediterranean. The court opened an investigation to identify those responsible. According to the spokesperson, the passengers were mostly young men.

A complicated weather forecast that day

When the boat capsized Sunday at dawn off the coast of Chebba, one of the migrants managed to swim to the shore and sounded the alarm. Rescue recovered four lifeless bodies and rescued seven occupants of the boat. “The others are missing,” said the spokesperson. “The boat was too small to carry 30 people. “

The governorate of Mahdia, where Chebba is located, is located about 140 km from the Italian island of Lampedusa. On the day of the sinking, the weather was bad with rough seas and wind. The testimonies collected did not make it possible to know where the boat had left from.

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