Tunisia: the ordeal of migrants deported to Libya

In the images, a crying woman holds her child on her lap. They have been stranded for three weeks in a makeshift Libyan migrant camp on the Tunisian border. Under more than 40°C, the exiles have no means of sheltering from the sun and the wind. Most of them from sub-Saharan Africa, they are sorely lacking in water and food.

“We are dying here”

We wanna leave this place, we wanna leave“, begs a woman, while another warns: “We are dying hereI“. 1,200 migrants were expelled on July 3 by the Tunisian authorities. Most soughtient to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa, just 150km from Tunisia. “We were coming home from work and on the way home they caught black people. We didn’t understand what was going on, we found ourselves in this desert with our two-year-old son“, testifies Fatima, a Nigerien migrant deported to Libya from Tunisia.

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