Tuesday is the deadline to renew the tag

At noon yesterday, the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DG II) had registered the sale of 1,369,216 tags of the 1,684,837 vehicles eligible for renewal, leaving a total of 315,621 when there are only three days left to expire the term given for this procedure.

According to the DGII RD$2,261.2 million have been collected for renewal of tags, of the estimated RD$2,734.1 million.

According to the data offered by the DGII, via the institutional web portal (www.dgii.gov.do) 130,729 tags were sold40,768 in DGII offices and 1,197,719 in authorized financial entities and cooperatives.

The collecting entity, through a note sent to the media, reiterated that The term for the sale of tags without surcharges through authorized financial entities expires next Tuesday (January 31).Therefore, he recalled that there will be no extension and those who do not renew on time must do so through a Local Administration with the payment of a penalty, in addition to the amount of the tax.

The DGII suggested to the taxpayers who own motor vehicles, that they take advantage of these last days of the given term, to carry out the renewal of their tags and avoid sanctions.

The DGII indicated that the amounts corresponding to the sanctions for non-renewal are maintained during the established term: RD$2,000.00 (surcharge) for vehicles that renew after January 31, 2023.

The payment of the penalty for vehicles without renewing the tag in the period 2021-2022 is RD$2,100.00 (RD$2,000.00 for the concept of penalty for non-renewal + RD$100.00 for administrative cessation).

Likewise, RD$3,100.00 will be paid for vehicles without renewing the 2020-2021 tag and previous years (RD$3,000.00 for the concept of a penalty for non-renewal + RD$100.00 for administrative cessation).

Collections 2021
The total collection for motor vehicles in 2021 was RD$21,255.4 million, showing an increase of RD$9,432.5.5 million in relation to the previous year.

The collection for the issuance of the first plate increased by RD$6,305.8 million; due to the renewal of tags increased by RD$1,742.9 million; for transfers increased by RD$826.7 million.

Likewise, the tax for CO2 emissions increased by RD$427.7 million; for the concept of change/renewal of license plates increased by RD$59.2 million and for duplicate registrations it was reduced by RD$25.2 million.

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