Tudanca says that only 20 percent of the PGC belongs to the board



The leader of the socialist opposition, Luis Tudanca, today pushed forward the presentation of an amendment to the entire general budget of the Community for this year, because for his group these are neither record-breaking, nor social, nor investors, they will grow and create slightly less employment than the Spanish one Average and apply “elitist” taxation.

During a press conference, when the schedule for the budget implementation was already set, the Socialists’ spokesman Luis Tudanca and the Finance Ministry spokeswoman Rosa Rubio – the group’s new secretary general – presented the arguments and refuted the qualifications used by the group’s president as CEO Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and Vice President Juan García-Gallardo in his presentation.

With this, he refuted that these are record budgets, as Mañueco highlighted, since they are based on economic growth (1.7 percent) below the national level (2 percent) and a forecast for the creation of fewer jobs, but warned that they are achieved include population loss and increased government funding.

Specifically, he asked about the priorities if health, education and family do not make up the more than 9,300 million in advance payments, 3,000 million more than in the last Rajoy government and 1,200 more than last year, which is why he insisted on pointing out what the CEO makes use of the money transferred.

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For her part, Rosa Rubio focused on refuting the tax data, rejecting the maxim of Fernández Mañueco and Fernández Carriedo that tax cuts increase revenues due to higher family consumption while the real estate transfer tax decreases by 52 million.

“It is an elitist tax system that benefits those who have the most, inherit the most and donate the most,” Rubio concluded, emphasizing that the 674 million tax credits are focused on inheritance and gift taxes and on 2,000 people. who would do this Donate to children and family.

He also asked why the board was running into debt, concluding that this was for repayment and payment of interest, but not for investments, but that this budget section had become the third spending department after health and education. With 1.784 million, between debts and interest, the Social Department exceeds Family and Equal Opportunities, while at the same time it influences “how much they will spend on corruption”.

Following these arguments, they have already presented the amendment to the whole, the deadline for which, according to the calendar set by the Cortes, is March 11th, so that the plenary session of the whole can take place on the 19th of the same month. PP and Vox have an absolute majority to reject the return to the board and continue the parliamentary process.

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