Home Sports Tua Tagovailoa speaks for the first time since concussion

Tua Tagovailoa speaks for the first time since concussion

Tua Tagovailoa speaks for the first time since concussion

The opening game of week 4 featured Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion. After hours of anxiety, the Dolphins quarterback has spoken publicly for the first time since the injury.

Through your social networksAlabama graduate he appreciated all the shows of support he received after leaving the game between Miami and Cincinnati in the second quarter; He added that he feels good and is already working to get rid of the concussion protocol. brains of the NFL.

“I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for yesterday’s game. It was difficult not to finish the game and be with my teammate, but I am grateful for the support and care I have received from the Dolphins, friends, family and all the people who have reached out,” he elaborated. “I feel much better and I will focus on recovering so I can get back on the pitch with my teammates.”

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unclear future

However, Tagovailoa’s return is still undetermined. The 24-year-old must go through five steps protocol for a physician outside the Dolphins to determine if he is fit to play again. This Friday, the element underwent an MRI, described by Mike McDaniel as a precautionary measure.

“To be directI’m not thinking about the weather or something similar about it from the sports question “explained the Miami head coach. “It’s about Tua as a person.”

Additionally, the NFL Players Association investigates to the Dolphins for any possible omission in concussion protocol. Tagovailoa suffered an injury in game 3 of the current campaign and Miami listed the ailment with something related to the QB’s back; the union is seeking to determine if Miami hid any brain trauma.

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