Tsygankov and Stuani present Girona with the Costa Brava Trophy

He Girona ended the preseason with a win 2 to 1 against Lazio in the 46th edition of the Costa Brava Trophy. Tsygankov, with a great goal from long range, and Stuani have scored for the rojiblancos while the Taty CastellanosOn his return to Montilivi, he scored the Italian goal in a heated game in the second half. The team of Michael completes preparation without knowing defeat before debuting against them Real Company next Sunday.

Costa Brava Trophy






Gazzaniga; Miguel, Arnau (Dovbyk, 73′), David López, Stuani (Pau Víctor, 84′), Tsygankov (Pablo Torre, 65′), Aleix Garcia, Savinho, Blind, Yangel Herrera (Selvi, 84′) and Iván Martín ( Couto, 46′).


provenel; Patri, Felipe, Luis Alberto (Cancellieri, 70′), Romagnoli (Casale, 61′), Immobile (Taty Castellanos, 61′), Zacagni, Basic (Vecino, 61′), Lazzari (Gila, 87′), Cataldi and Marusic.


1-0 M.51 Tsygankov. 2-0 M.71 Stuani. 2-1 M.76 Castellanos.


Garcia vegetables. TA: Yangel Herrera, Gazzaniga / Zacagni. TR: Zacagni and Sarri (coaches).



The Costa Brava Trophy had to be used as a showdown See where Míchel’s team stood less than a week into the league. A final calibration test in which Girona emerged with a XI very similar to that seen in Donosti against Real. Dovbyk didn’t start, although he had a competitive rhythm because he was already playing with his former team of the Dnipro-1, he had just shared a workout with the companions. The point was the huge appeal of the Trophy, the club’s most expensive signing and the one that sparked the most interest from fans. Chance wanted Girona’s ‘Nine’ to appear in front of the municipality of Montilivi on the day when last season’s top scorer returnedTaty Castellanos honored before the confrontation.

In addition to individual names Lazio was the highlight of the day. The Italian runners-up had to challenge the home team. The duel between Girona and the Romans began with long flat possessions led mainly by the rojiblancos. Girona were the first to try Savinho’s forced shot after a pass from Iván Martín (9′). The response from Sarri’s team was very quick. Zacagni fired a shot from the left wing that narrowly hit the post (11′).

The burden of the game passed into Girona’s hands, with the Biancocelesti barely seeing a thing until the drinking break. Savinho, on the left wing today, featured in the early stages. Imbalance, daring and verticality to generate approaches from your side. A center shot from him was about to be taken out by Stuani. A deflected shot by Iván Martín came from the corner of this action. Girona lacked precision and determination to move forward and Iván Martín tried again with a Bilbao cross without finishing.

Gazzaniga didn’t have a job in the first half. The Eagles disappointed without sending a sad shot between the three posts. Just in a little oversight by David López In the end it was a safe corner. immobileHis fourteen goals last year also went unnoticed. Beyond Girona’s scheduled game, there was a feeling that the duel bar fell short of expectations, with sleepy spells in the first half.

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The change in mentality and intensity of the Italians in the second part was soon apparent. The high blood pressure was about to end with an own goal from Miguel on a loan. Lazio’s greater aggressiveness and defensive audacity left more space and Stuani was close to scoring the first goal with a ball he caught in the penalty area (51st minute).. The rejection fell at the feet of Tsygankov, who hit the net with unstoppable whiplash. The left-handed attacker continues to maintain the untouchable level and quality. Míchel tested the Ukrainian behind the more concentrated striker.

The goal gave wings and increased the intensity by another point, with some late visitors. Even an offense against Savinho ultimately resulted in a scuffle. The tension in the stadium eased as Taty Castellanos took the field. The fans gave the Argentinian player a loud round of applause, who left a very good memory in Montilivi. The truce brought about by Taty’s entry was a mirage. as Zacagni was sent off for a hard tackle. It was the second card the talented winger saw. A reconciliation was inevitable.

With one man left, Girona wasted no time beating an impotent Lazio. Miguel sent in a precise cross that Stuani didn’t miss Finished with a header and thus the second goal (71′). From the adrenaline at goal to the excitement of debut. Stuani marked the way forward for Dovbyk. The Ukrainian striker caused enthusiasm among the fans. Entering the field, the first ball, everything was applause. The letter of introduction wowed everyone as a lot is expected of him over the next five seasons at the club.

The game had other twists in the script, an odd moment that closes Taty’s story. The Argentine shortened the distance for Lazio with a shot close to the far post (76th). A rehearsal behind which Girona continue to struggle. An action that again ended with a hook between the players. An image that clouded the return of Castellanos.

Girona failed to maintain the lead on the scoreboard. As a matter of factMíchel gave a few more minutes to young players Pau Víctor and Selvi and Pablo Torre and Couto, who almost finished in third place. Girona end the pre-season with a prestigious 2-1 victory and have not suffered a defeat in the entire pre-season. Next week the main course begins, the league in Anoeta with all the enthusiasm.

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