A volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean has caused violent waves at the Tonga archipelago. People are warned of a tsunami. Also in Fiji, about 800 kilometers northwest of the volcano, people have been warned to stay away from the coast because of dangerous waves.

It concerns the volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, which is partly under the water. Satellite images show the eruption, creating an ash cloud that rises 20 kilometers into the sky. The seawater around it is pushed away by the force of the eruption.

Check out satellite images of the volcanic eruption below:

People on the islands are seeing ash showers, dark clouds, lightning bolts and stormy waves, they write on Twitter. The storm sounds of the eruption could also be heard in Fiji.

High waves caused by the eruption have already reached the Tonga Islands. The coast is flooded by strong water currents.


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