THE confidence presented his new GXT 711X Dominus also reaching Portugal. This table is characterized by being robust and resistant, with a steel structure and made of 18 mm MDF, guaranteeing stability and firmness.

For those looking for a new desk, or rather a gaming table, its large 112 x 72 cm surface and ergonomic design allow for a high degree of comfort. At the same time, it ensures comfort for long gaming sessions.

This is the new Trust GXT 711X Dominus gaming table

In order to have a great setup that will allow you to get the most out of your games, it is essential to first think about a comfortable and functional table. A platform that allows optimizing both comfort and having all the necessary elements to obtain the best experience for the player.

For this reason, Trust, a reference brand in gaming gadgets, launches the GXT 711X Dominus. It is a new resistant and robust game table that meets the needs of the most demanding players. This as well as people who work with computers and need maximum comfort in their long sessions in front of the screen.

Trust GTX 711X

More specifically, Trust Dominus features a large 112 x 72cm footprint that easily accommodates two monitors and the usual set of peripherals for a gamer to enjoy gaming to the fullest.

Additionally, this table is made from the highest quality materials with a textured PU top coating. In practice, which makes it not only an essential piece of assembly, but also a sober and elegant furnishing element.

Table suitable for two monitors and their accessories

Trust GTX 711X

The Dominus game table is robust and resistant, due to its reinforced structure with a steel frame that guarantees great stability and firmness. Constructed of 18mm MDF, this table is highly durable and resistant to common damage from daily use.

Trust GTX 711X

Furthermore, the GXT 711X Dominus is not only designed for aesthetics and strength, but also for functionality. In fact, it has a practical cable management system that allows you to group and hide them to optimize the gaming area. In addition, it has a special holder for headphones and drinks.

In this way, Dominus allows you to have all your accessories organized and always at hand to guarantee the best possible gaming experience.

Support for accessories such as cups or headphones

Trust GTX 711X

Lastly, the Dominus can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, making it an ideal accessory for indoor use as well. In fact, its weight of 65 kg, its height of 750 mm and its width of 1200 mm favor precisely this task.

The Trust GXT 711X Dominus table is available with a PVP of €179.99. You can find more information at Trusted website/store.


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