Home Business Trump’s secret crypto treasury: Ethereum fortune revealed

Trump’s secret crypto treasury: Ethereum fortune revealed

Trump's secret crypto treasury: Ethereum fortune revealed

Last week, it was revealed that former US President Donald Trump owns crypto. More specifically, it is Ethereum (ETH). At that point, his Ethereum “bag” was worth around $250,000. However, new information shows that he has a lot more crypto.

Donald Trump is an Ethereum whale

A new financial report reveals Trump owns a whopping $2.8 million in Ethereum. That’s a lot more than originally thought. Chances are this has to do with his own NFT collection, which he launched last year. The collection was a great success and Trump apparently earned some pocket money with it.

It is estimated that Trump made $4.8 million from the sale of the collection. He made that money from a licensing deal he signed with the company behind the NFT collection. According to the financial documents, the $2.8 million in ETH in Trump’s wallet comes almost entirely from collection fees.

Trump repeatedly called not to be a fan of cryptocurrencies

It is noteworthy that Trump and his accountants decided not to sell ETH for hard dollars. In the past, Trump has made it clear that he is not a fan of Bitcoin (BTC) and all other forms of crypto.

“It’s not money. And its value is very volatile and hot air. Unregulated crypto assets can facilitate illegal behavior, including drug trafficking and other illegal practices.”

So Trump in 2019. At the end of 2021, he was still describing crypto as “very dangerous”. The Trump is now proud Ethereum hodler, and not a small one either. With almost 3 million in Ethereum, it falls into the “whale” category.

Trump is preparing for next year’s presidential election. His goal is to return to the White House. In the Republican camp, he currently has hardly any problems with the strong competition. However, several charges hang over him. However, this only seems to strengthen his position in the polls.

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