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Trump was released

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump was released after his arrest.

According to the details, the former US President Trump was released after his arrest, a brief arrest on indictment and then after his release, Trump left the federal court in Miami.

Walt Nata, Trump’s aide, was also arrested in federal court, Trump has been charged with 37 charges, including sensitive documents and espionage. For the first time in US history, a former president has been indicted in criminal cases.

After his release, former President Trump arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey from Miami, where in a speech at an election rally, Trump called the accusations baseless and vindictive.

He said that the American people will give a strong response to the Biden administration in the upcoming elections. According to the American media, Trump is still ahead in popularity in public opinion polls.

Republican leader Sajid Tarar says that if Trump gets a chance to contest the election despite the reprisals, he will win easily.

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