"Trump violated the Constitution"says the Republican who wants to exclude him from re-election. Former Republican Rep. Norma Anderson, 91, was the one who filed the lawsuit, which is currently being debated before the United States Supreme Court. 9:13 a.m.

One of the many obstacles that former President Donald Trump faced on his path to returning to the White House emerged within the ranks of his own party: former Republican Rep. Norma Anderson, 91, who carries the constitution tightly under his arm and requests his disqualification.

Anderson, who became one of Colorado’s most influential legislators, is behind the lawsuit that aims to eliminate Trump as an election option in this state in the northwest of the United States.

“Trump should never be president again because he violated the Constitution and tried to overturn an election,” Anderson said in an interview with AFP. “And that means to me that if he is elected, our democracy is in danger,” he added.

Anderson scored a primary victory when the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in December to remove Trump from the Republican primary in that state.

The decision was in response to an appeal filed by the Republican along with a civil association that focused on the Jan. 6, 2021, invasion of the Capitol in Washington, when a crowd of Trump supporters attempted to overturn the certification of Democrat Joe Biden as president President to prevent. after his election victory against the tycoon.

The lawsuit’s argument was an interpretation of the third section of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits a person from holding public office if they have participated in an “insurrection or insurrection” after swearing to defend the Magna Carta.

The amendment, ratified in 1868 after the Civil War (1861-1865), was intended to prevent pro-slavery supporters of the Cofederated States from being elected to Congress or federal office.

“That same evening I read that part of the Constitution,” said the former lawmaker, who always carries a copy of the Magna Carta in her pocket.

Trump challenged the regional court’s ruling with an appeal that stayed its application He left his electoral future in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States. He is far and away the favorite in the Republican primaries. But despite a series of allegations in court, including election crimes, National polls give him a small advantage in voting intentions over Biden. who is seeking re-election.

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Therefore, a possible disqualification triggers conflicting passions. The case was considered by the country’s highest court in early February, which could decide before Colorado’s March 5 primary election. During two-hour debates, both conservative and liberal justices discussed, expressed concerns about the possibility that states could individually decide which candidates should emerge to the presidential elections in November.

But that doesn’t discourage Norma Anderson, the first woman to become Republican leader of the Colorado Legislature.

“I always stay hopeful until they tell me no,” he said.

The debates before the United States Supreme Court did not focus on Trump’s alleged involvement in the events of January 6th. but in the possible national consequences of approving the ruling in Colorado: Can this state alone decide to disqualify a presidential candidate? is the question.

“You shouldn’t worry about it. States are responsible for elections, not the federal government. Each state is responsible for its elections and decides who is on the ballot,” Anderson said.

Anderson is not sparing in his criticism of Trump, who makes conspiracy theories and allegations without evidence against the 2020 election process when he lost re-election to Biden.

“He poses a great risk to our democracy. He loves to be like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin or like a king. His behavior proves it,” he said. “Our founding fathers would not be kind to him. They would probably put him in prison,” Anderson added, referring to the historical figures who promoted the first U.S. Constitution.

The former lawmaker is constantly attacked by Trump, who refers to her as a “RINO,” an acronym for “Republican in Name Only.” In return, Anderson reiterates that he has received signs of support in his state and the rest of the country.

“If we at least draw attention to what he is (…), I know we are doing the right thing,” he said.


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