Trump thinks he will be indicted for attack on the Capitol

Former United States President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he received a letter from the prosecution suggesting he is likely to be criminally charged for the riots during the attack on the Capitol, a new thorn in the shoe of the 2024 presidential candidate.

“The upset Jack Smith, prosecutor of the Justice Department of (US President) Joe Biden, sent a letter (…) that affirms that I am a TARGET of the investigation of the Grand Jury on January 6,” Trump said in its Truth Social platform.

Contacted by AFP, a spokesman for special counsel Smith declined to comment.

On January 6, 2021, thousands of Trump supporters sowed chaos and attacked the Capitol in Washington, the temple of American democracy, to try to prevent the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden from being certified.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested since then, and some 350 of them accused of assaulting the police or resisting authority. Some members of far-right militias have even been convicted of sedition.

The former president, a favorite among Republicans for the nomination of the party’s candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, said he was given “a very short period of four days” to appear before a grand jury, “which almost always means an arrest and Impeachment,” but the Washington Post claims that’s not systematic.

“This witch hunt is all about election interference and a complete and total use of law enforcement as a political weapon,” said the 77-year-old magnate.

Trump argued that he has a “right to protest” because he is “fully convinced” that the election “has been rigged and stolen.”

The Department of Justice has “effectively issued a third indictment and arrest of Joe Biden’s NUMBER ONE POLITICAL OPPONENT who is widely dominating in the race for the Presidency,” Trump maintains.

“Nothing similar has happened before in our country,” he adds.

A parliamentary commission, dissolved earlier this year by the new Republican majority in the lower house, investigated whether Trump played a role in the violent acts that day.

The panel, made up mostly of Democrats, said the former president had inflamed his supporters before the attack and “failed in his duty as commander in chief” during the violent acts.

In its final report released in December 2022, the commission concluded that Donald Trump should not be held in public office again after inciting his supporters to insurrection.

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Its members also recommended that the federal courts initiate criminal proceedings against him, particularly for incitement to insurrection.

This Tuesday, Trump did not specify the possible charges against him in this investigation.


Trump has already been indicted in a federal investigation into confidential documents, also led by Jack Smith.

He is accused of refusing to return documents he allegedly kept when he left the White House.

In mid-June, he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and for which he will be tried. A trial hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Prosecutors in the case want the trial to start in December while Trump’s lawyers want it to take place after the November 2024 presidential election.

Nikki Haley, a rival in the race for the Republican nomination, denounced on Fox New on Tuesday a “new distraction” that, outside the primaries, is focusing attention on the former president’s legal problems.

The Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, accused Biden, who is also a candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, of using the American judicial system to “attack his number one opponent.”

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff called McCarthy’s remarks “pathetic” because “it’s shameful to protect a corrupt former president.”

Trump has also been indicted by the New York State Attorney’s Office on various counts of accounting fraud, due to a payment made before the 2016 presidential election to silence a porn actress.

Finally, a Georgia prosecutor will announce before September the result of her investigation into the pressure that Trump allegedly exerted to try to change the result of the 2020 presidential elections in this southern state of the country.

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