Trump sues Hillary Clinton for trying to rig the 2016 election by linking him to Russia

Former United States President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit this Thursday against former Secretary of State and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and a dozen other Democratic politicians for trying to manipulate the 2016 elections by attempting to link him to alleged Russian interference in that election. appointment.

"Acting in concert, the defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald Trump, was in cahoots with a hostile foreign sovereign force."indicates the demand of more than a hundred pages presented this Thursday, reports the newspaper ‘The Hill’.

"The actions taken to further this plot – falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement, and exploiting access to highly sensitive data sources – are so outrageous, subversive, and incendiary that even the events of ‘Watergate’ pale in comparison."deepens the complaint filed by Trump’s legal team.

The former head of the White House has explained in the complaint filed with a Florida court that this alleged plot devised by Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and the now National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, has caused him damages valued at 24 million dollars, as well as losses in their present and future businesses.

Trump claims that "powerful conspiracy" launched by Clinton and his associates –including former FBI chief James Comey– during the 2016 campaign was intended to unleash a media frenzy against him, as well as a police investigation to torpedo his access to the White House .

The lawsuit, which speaks of "extortion"maintains that this "conspiracy" It constitutes a crime under the Corrupt and Influenced by Extortion Organizations legislation –the RICO Act–. Likewise, it is part of the many complaints that Trump has launched since then, assuring that all the cases that have been opened in this regard are nothing more than a kind of "Witch hunt" politics.

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This alleged interference by Russia, which he has always denied, in that election campaign was the subject of an investigation led by the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, which lasted for two years, in whose final report he claimed to have found no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Kremlin authorities.

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