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Trump responds to the accusation: “You remind Nazi Germany of the 1930s, the former Soviet Union and other authoritarian and dictatorial regimes”

Trump responds to the accusation:

Donald Trump suffered the biggest setback of his political career on Tuesday evening. A setback, however It can hardly negatively affect his campaign to regain a foothold in the White House. The Justice Department has formalized indictments against the former president on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to violate the rights of citizens, obstruction of an official process, and conspiracy to obstruct an official process. 45 pages summarize four alleged crimes that the magnate and six members of his inner circle, who prosecutors don’t name, committed in order to undermine the outcome of the November 2020 presidential election, in which he lost to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump’s reaction to his third court allegation this year was immediate. In a statement from his 2024 election campaign, the former president accused the Biden administration of interfering in the election process. The indictment brought by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith and the allegations contained in the letter apply to Trump “reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the former Soviet Union and other authoritarian and dictatorial regimes”. According to the Republican leader, a huge favorite for the party’s primary, the allegations are “false” and he has always “respected and abided by the law and the Constitution.”

The former president spoke just before the appearance in which Smith announced the allegation. “I heard that at 5:00 p.m. mad Jack Smith is going to make another false accusation against your favorite president, me, to interfere in the 2024 presidential election,” the mogul wrote on his social network Truth. Why didn’t they do that two and a half years ago? Why did you wait so long? Because they wanted to place it in the middle of my campaign. Missing tax ethics!

A day later, Trump wanted to thank his supporters for their support on his own channel. In a theatrical message written in all caps, the former president claims the allegations were leveled against him “made the world aware of the corruption, scandal and failure that has taken place in the United States over the past three years”. In the last few hours he has shared fragments of the broadcast FoxNews in which analysts and related profiles have intervened to defend their actions and charges against the Justice Department Merrick garland.

Those who also spoke were their rivals in the Republican Party primary. From Ron DeSantis to Nikki Haleygoing through the one who was his vice president Mike Pence, whom Trump pressured to prevent the release of the election results on the same day his supporters stormed the Capitol – “You are too honest,” he even told him as he refused to obey his orders. has been accurate Pence is the only one who has wisely questioned Trump’s actions and his role in trying to reverse his electoral defeat: “He who puts himself above the Constitution should never be President of the United States.”

The governor of Florida, for his part has denounced the politicization of the justice system rather than openly criticizing Trump. Although I have seen the reports, I have not read the indictment. However, I believe we need to make reforms so that Americans have the right to move cases from Washington, DC to their home counties,” he wrote on social network X. “One of the reasons for our country’s decline is politicization.” of the rule of law. No more excuses: I will stop politicizing the federal government.

As the case progresses, the starting positions of Trump and his entourage could change. However, political commentators agree that to date The Republican response was particularly muted. Paradoxically, the allegations have only increased Trump’s grip on the party apparatus.

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