Trump is not alone: ​​Who are the other 18 defendants in the Georgia investigation?

Donald Trump is not alone in facing his fourth indictment in just five months. Was the former President of the United States accompanied by 18 other people in their efforts to reverse the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election, the Fulton County District Attorney said, Fannie Willis.

The prosecution accuses them all of involvement Violation of the state crime statute, a norm usually used to prosecute members of an organization who have been systematically involved in criminal activity, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Profiles as a lawyer Rudy Guilianihis former chief of staff, Mark Meadowseither Michael Roman, a member of his campaign, accompanies Trump. This is the list.

Rudy Guiliani

Guiliani, Trump's lawyer, denounced a
Guiliani, Trump’s lawyer, denounced a “massive fraud” with no evidence and sweating paint.Jonathan ErnestREUTERS

The former New York mayor worked as Trump’s personal attorney and was instrumental in efforts to reverse Biden’s 2020 election victory in several contested states, including Georgia. He advocated the theory of voter fraud. And he continued to do so even as numerous state and federal officials suspended his account. After hearing his indictment, Giuliani denounced that the allegations were “designed to put President Donald Trump and anyone willing to oppose the ruling regime in their place.” He is accused of 13 criminal offenses.

Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows, representative of the ultra-conservative group Freedom Caucus
Mark Meadows, representative of the ultra-conservative group Freedom Caucusthe reason

Trump’s chief of staff arranged for and witnessed the former president’s phone calls with Georgia state officials, including the secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, while being pressured to reverse Biden’s win. He was in close contact with Trump allies. Meadows even paid a visit to a vote counting center outside of Atlanta in December 2020. faces two charges.

John Eastman

Investigating the Trump election in Georgia
Investigating the Trump election in GeorgiaRELATED PRESSPA

A well-known conservative lawyer who served as clerk at the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas and that he also played a crucial role in developing a legal strategy to help Trump stay in power. He faces nine charges.including the first-degree forgery conspiracy and the commission of false statements and writings conspiracy.

Ray Smith II

Another Atlanta-based attorney who was part of Trump’s team and made false claims at a Georgia legislature hearing. Up to 12 charges are threatened.

Sydney Powell

Investigating the Trump election in Georgia
Investigating the Trump election in GeorgiaRELATED PRESSPA

The former federal prosecutor positioned himself as one of Trump’s key allies in his efforts to undermine the 2020 election results. At a White House meeting in December of that year, Trump considered assigning their special counsel to investigate the election, a detail that caught the eye of prosecutors. There are seven charges.

Kenneth Chesbro

One of the lawyers who played a central role in developing the idea of ​​having Trump supporters pass off as voters from states won by Biden. He faces seven other charges..

Michael Roman

A senior Trump campaign official who has also participated in the fake voter conspiracy for which he is responsible Charged with seven counts.

Jeffrey Clark

Investigating the Trump election in Georgia
Investigating the Trump election in GeorgiaRELATED PRESSPA

This former Justice Department official made false allegations of voter fraud and attempted to interfere in the Georgia presidential election. He had allegedly hatched a plan to replace his boss, the attorney general, in the event the former president reconfirmed the White House. They assure that he even offered to make the ministry available to Trump. But in your case He faces only two charges..

Misty Hampton

A former Coffee County, Georgia polling chief suspected of giving Trump supporters access to county voting machines. The charged with seven felonies.

Robert Cheley

As a plaintiff attorney from Georgia, he was a leading counsel in litigation related to the 2020 election. His charge relates to making false statements at a legislative hearing at which he alleged that poll workers double- and triple-counted votes. 10 fees.

Jenna Ellis

The lawyer admitted to being part of an “elite attack team” of lawyers who appeared in public hearings and reinforced the president’s false claims of widespread voter fraud. She was hired by the Trump campaign in November 2019 after making television appearances, most notably on the station FoxNewsdefending the tycoon. two charges.

Cathy Latham

Former Chairman of the Republican Party in rural Coffee County, rural Georgia. She was involved in a case in which Trumpists attempted to copy the county’s voting software in January 2021. She was also one of 16 wrong voters in that state who cast their electoral votes in favor of Trump. 11 Fees.

David Shaffer

A former state senator and former Georgia Republican Party leader who poses as the leader of the Georgia Electoral College, cast 16 fake electoral votes for Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. eight charges.

Shawn still

Another wrong voter. He was a Georgia State Senator. seven charges.

Trevian Kutti

This publicist, who worked for controversial artist Kanye West, was involved in a conspiracy to pressure a Fulton County poll worker into falsely admitting to fraud on Election Day 2020. three charges.

Stephen C Lee

An Illinois Lutheran pastor involved in attempts to intimidate poll workers in Atlanta. five counts.

Willie Lewis Floyd III

A retired mixed martial artist who once led a group called Black Voices for Trump and is one of those implicated in campaign intimidation by Atlanta campaign workers. three charges.

Scott Hall

A staunch Trump supporter and Atlanta-area bailiff who became involved in a plan by Trump allies to gain access to election materials in rural Coffee County, rural Atlanta. seven charges.

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