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“Trump is a symptom of the degeneration of a large part of the US electorate”

“Trump is a symptom of the degeneration of a large part of the US electorate”

Trump wins New Hampshire Can the race for the Republican nomination be over?

– For Trump, the race is undoubtedly over and that's why he believes that everyone should support him now. However, Haley claims there are 48 states and 5 territories that have not yet voted. Presidential candidates often drop out when they can no longer raise enough money to advance. As long as Nikki Haley's donors remain loyal to her, she can continue.

— Haley is the latest contender for the Republican nomination against Trump. What can he offer Republican voters and how can he convince them if he hasn't done it in Iowa or New Hampshire?

– Since Trump has already been president, voters already have a good idea of ​​how he would behave if he were president again. For voters who liked his presidency, that's a plus. Many of Trump's supporters prefer him to Haley because his views on national security are more consistent with traditional Republican Party policies, such as Presidents Dwight Eisenhower (1953–61), Ronald Reagan (1981–89), and George HW Bush (2001 –09). . That is, they believe in strong American support for our allies in the world. On the contrary, Trump is inclined to cut aid to Ukraine and thus allow Vladimir Putin to keep the territories he conquered. Trump and his supporters appear to believe that the aggressive Russian dictatorship poses no threat to American interests. Like Obama and unlike Haley, Trump attracts millions of passionate followers who love his personality and style. In my opinion, both Trump and Obama are symptoms of the degeneration of a large part of the American electorate. Many people now seem to want a demagogic strongman, in the tradition of the Argentine Juan Perón. Voters who are charismatically drawn to Trump admire his claims to have close personal ties with the dictators of Russia, China and North Korea. In contrast, Nikki Haley's voters, like most traditional Republicans, find Trump's praise of anti-American authoritarian leaders repugnant.

– How may the former president's court calendar impact his race for the presidential nomination after he appears to have overwhelmed his rivals? And what can happen to the immunity claim?

– Only if the three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rules in your favor and grants you immunity. But if we review the basis of the oral arguments before these three justices on January 9th, a decision granting Trump complete immunity from prosecution seems very unlikely. In general, Trump tries to delay the cases against him as much as possible, so that if he is lucky, they will be postponed until after the election. Prosecutors, some of whom are very partisan Democrats, want to move quickly to trial.

-How did the departure of Ron DeSantis affect the vote in New Hampshire?

– DeSantis had little support in the state, so his departure had no impact on the results. It might make a difference in other states where DeSantis was stronger, but not in New Hampshire. Of all the 2023-24 candidates, DeSantis had the greatest appeal to pro-Trump voters, so many of DeSantis' orphaned voters will likely return to Trump in the upcoming primary.

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