Truecaller will come pre-installed on 100 million phones by 2024

truecaller partnered with several Android smartphone manufacturers in Latin AmericaIndia, Indonesia and Malaysia to reach more users.

In the next two years, the company expects the TrueCaller app is pre-installed on 100 million devices.

Even though the app comes pre-installed, users are not forced to use it and are free to use other phone apps.

Coming pre-installed, the company hopes to reach people who aren’t tech-savvy enough to download an app on their phones. These are the people Truecaller can help, flagging potential scammers before they even answer the call.

Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder of Truecaller, commented on the news:

Truecaller is still one of the most downloaded apps in several major countries. However, not all smartphone users are savvy enough to download an app.

Interestingly, we often hear of first-time phone users in emerging markets asking for help from vendors or friends and family to download Truecaller. This change is in line with our global ambitions to make it available to everyone, but also aims to make Truecaller easier for millions of new users to use.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t said which Android makers it will be partnering with in the next few years, so we hope to have more news on that soon.

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