True or false. Does Pakistan officially support the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the Indian media have repeatedly claimed that Pakistan’s government supports the Taliban. It is true ? Decryption of these fake videos broadcast on television and on an Indian tabloid website.

For several hours, the Indian media has been running a video of Pakistani army planes that crossed the Panjshir (Afghanistan) region to help the Taliban against the rebels. Indian TV channel Times Now, followed by 10 million people on Twitter, even posted a video of a jet fighter in flight. But this F-15 doesn’t belong to the Pakistani army at all and the video wasn’t even shot in Pakistan, it looks like it was shot in Wales, according to a netizen.

This is not the first time Indian media have tried to discredit the Pakistani government by showing that Pakistan is helping the Taliban. An Indian tabloid published a video of a “Pakistan plane in full combat against rebels”. This famous video was fake and came from a video game. This repeated false news is not by chance, it adds fuel to the relations between the two countries. Pakistan has never claimed support for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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