TRUE OR FAKE: is Europe’s financial support for Ukraine equivalent to that of the Americans, as Thierry Breton asserts?

On France Inter, Monday June 26, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, said: “The total support for Ukraine since the start of this war is 72 billion euros, roughly equivalent to the rest between the Europeans, but also the Americans.” Contrary to popular belief, the Americans are therefore not Ukraine’s greatest support. Since the start of the armed conflict, the Kiel Institute, an independent German body, has been listing the contributions paid to Ukraine and has not come to the same conclusions as the commissioner.

Equivalent support including aid for Ukrainian refugees

Over one year, the Kiel Institute arrives at a gap of 10 billion euros between the aid provided by the United States (71 billion euros) and the aid of EU members and institutions (61 billion) . The EU pays more than the Americans in humanitarian aid (6.5 billion against 3.6 billion), more in terms of financial aid (35.5 billion against 24.4), in the form of loans or subsidies. On the other hand, the United States has given more than 43 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine, against 19.6 billion for the European Union. Thierry Breton affirms the opposite because he also counts the aid given to Ukrainian refugees in Europe, a weight that weighs much less on the United States. If we take this last criterion into account, Europe spends slightly more than the Americans.

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