TRUE or FAKE. Immigration: six million Algerians live in France

The President of Algeria mentioned the figure of six million Algerians living in France. A figure used by the French extreme right. True or false ?

According to far-right media, six million Algerians live in France. A figure taken up by the polemicist Éric Zemmour to denounce massive Algerian immigration. Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune himself said on France 24 in July 2020: “We have nearly six million Algerians living in France who can bring something there and here “.

Algerian immigrants are people born in Algeria and living in France. In 2020, they were 871,000, far from six million. If we take into account their children born in France with one of the two Algerian immigrant parents, that makes a total of two million. And even if we add their grandchildren, we are a long way from six million. “We are below three million no matter what”, assures Patrick Simon, researcher at INED. The Algerian authorities have not explained the origin of this figure.

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