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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker Review and Review [REVIEW]

Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker Review and Review [REVIEW]

There are a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers on the market, so it’s hard to decide between one or the other without having a chance to try them out.

Fortunately, the people of tronsmart you sent us your portable speaker Tronsmart Studio, whose most outstanding features are: high power (30W), Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, audio sync with up to 100 speakers, full autonomy with fast charging and a price of only €79.99.

We had the opportunity to test this speaker for a few days and then we presented our findings.

Design and connections

The Tronsmart Studio speaker is a portable device with an elegant appearance and minimalist design, with good quality finishes. Its wrapper is hardened aluminum, so it resists bumps and drops well, and has a rubber base so it doesn’t move.

Vulkkano Blast Features IPx4 certification which makes it resistant to splashing water, so you can get wet in the rain without fear of spoiling. It is not submersible now, so we must be careful not to fall into the water.

Its dimensions are 20.7 x 7 x 5.8 mm and it has a moderate weight of 760 grams, therefore, it is an easily transportable device. Its low center of gravity makes it nearly impossible to tip over.

At the top, we find several buttons: rewind / decrease music volume, play / pause, fast forward / increase music volume, turn on, Bluetooth, Broadcast and SoundPulse.


The Bluetooth button lets you choose the sound source: Auxiliary input via cable, memory card or Bluetooth device.

The SoundPulse button not only lets you turn on this sound enhancement, it also lets you trigger your smartphone’s virtual assistant (Google Assistant or Siri) and answer a call.

At the top, we also find some indicators: four from the battery (0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75-100%), one from Bluetooth, one from Broadcast and one from SoundPulse.

On the back, we find a slot for a microSD card, a USB Type-C charging connector (I’m glad I didn’t find an old micro-USB port) and a 3.5mm connector for connecting an external audio source .


The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth speaker integrates 2 high frequency tweeters, 1 low frequency center subwoofer and 4 passive speakers to deliver powerful sound with powerful bass.

To improve the sound, Tronsmart offers the technology SoundPulse, which enhances the sound experience by providing distortion-free output and an enhanced bass experience. In my opinion, activating this feature is mandatory, otherwise the sound is heard with little body.

If you prefer to adjust the frequency response, you can install the Tronsmart App (ios | Android) on the phone to choose different equalization settings: Sound pulse, deep bass, 3D, HiFi, classic, vocal and Rock. What is not possible is to adjust the frequency bands at will, but just choose one of these presets.

In the app it is also possible to check the battery level, update the subscription, choose the audio input, activate the Broadcast mode or turn off the speaker.


The speaker does not support WiFi connection for AirPlay, Spotify Connect and other music streaming protocols, although we can use Bluetooth to play any sound from any app on our smartphone. The range of Bluetooth 5.0 is up to 20 meters maximum.

In tests I made playing music with Apple Music, the sound is clean and nuanced. Features a good low level despite the small speaker size and distortion free at high volume levels.

Despite its small size, the maximum volume is very loud, making it suitable for outdoors or for flooding a large room with sound. In general, the sound quality is not much different from what we get from the same size and more expensive speakers.

Given the size of the speaker, the stereo sound lack of separation of left and right channels. This is logical, as to achieve this effect we need much larger or separate speakers.


One of the outstanding features is TuneConn, which allows you to connect up to 100 speakers together to play music synchronously. As I only have one speaker, I have not been able to test it, but in principle it is as simple as pressing the Transmit button once on the «master» speaker and twice on each of the “slave” speakers.

Tronsmart Studio can also be used. to make hands-free calls, as it incorporates a microphone. In my tests, it has been very comfortable to make calls with it, and the sound quality is excellent thanks to its speaker.


As I mentioned, the speaker is charged via a type-C USB cable. I would have delighted that the speaker arrived with a charging cradle, instead of having to connect a USB cable to supply power, or at least it was an accessory that could be purchased separately.

Tronsmart estimates one autonomy of 15 hours with the volume at 50%, a very acceptable amount for a device of this size, and a charging time of just 3.5 hours.

In my experience, these times coincide very well with reality, although autonomy depends largely on the volume at which you play the music and how far away you are from your smartphone if it’s connected via Bluetooth.


The Tronsmart Studio speaker is very attractively priced €79.99 on Amazon.


Tronsmart Studio is a very interesting speaker for anyone looking for a portable device with good sound quality and great autonomy.

In my Bluetooth music playback tests, the speaker showed us that it is capable of producing a powerful sound with rich harmonics and powerful bass, especially if we enable SoundPulse sound mode.


Tronsmart Studio also comes with some legal resourcessuch as the ability to make hands-free calls, preset equalization settings through an app, synchronized playback with up to 100 devices, and the ability to invoke the virtual assistant on the smartphone.

Also, it offers only a good 15 hour autonomy and can be charged quickly, in about three and a half hours, by means of a USB-C connector.

Consequently, the Tronsmart Studio speaker is a highly recommended device, especially for €79.99.

The best:

  • Sleek design made from tough aluminum
  • Good sound quality, with great power and good bass level for the size of the speaker
  • Suitable dimensions and weight to carry the speaker comfortably
  • Standard USB-C connector to charge the battery from any power source
  • Playback via Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm connector or microSD card
  • Handsfree functionality for making calls
  • Synchronized playback with up to 100 speakers simultaneously
  • SoundPulse technology for enhanced sound reproduction and EQ presets through an app
  • Splash and rain resistance (IPx4)
  • 15-hour autonomy and 3.5-hour quick charge.


  • No possibility to adjust frequency equalization to your liking (you must choose one of the preset modes in the app)
  • No charging base, which forces you to plug in the cable to charge it.

Note: The Tronsmart Studio speaker is kindly provided by tronsmart to perform this analysis.

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