Trippier achieves superstar status

Kieran Trippier (9-19-1990, England) has been among the best players in the Premier. An amazing milestone for the Newcastle right-back who rubs shoulders with the great stars of the English league. It is not usual for a full-back to be so highly regarded, but Trippier has earned it hard. The captain of Las Urracas has thrown away the entire season for his team and this nomination is a very gratifying award for him.

Newcastle is very close to the qualification for the group stage of the Champions League something that had not happened since the 2002-2003 season. With adding a point in the two days that remain he has done it. A success that has many proper names, but above all that of Trippier stands out. The Englishman has been the pillar of Eddie Howe’s team from the right side. The former Atlético soccer player has defended, attacked and has been a constant danger in set pieces throughout the season. He has seven goal passes. To which there is what to add the work of captain of him. An absolute leader for Newcastle. By gallons he has been ahead of many cracks in the league.

Nobody is surprised by Trippier’s level. Atlético still regrets that the defender did not want to continue in the Metropolitan for a sum of circumstances. Trippier was always an example of professionalism with the red and white shirt, although it is now with that of Newcastle when he has made the leap in quality. Flagged and penalized for breaching UK anti-gambling rules, it has known how to make up for itself until its importance has increased. The Trippier that was seen at Tottenham is very different from the one at Newcastle. A player now much more done. A super star.

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