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The organization of Tour de France set a goal in Pamplona in 1996. It was not just another stage, but a great stage of the Pyrenees that ascended to the colossus Larrau, which could decide the winner of that edition. In fact, it was key to the podium. The Tour and the Navarrese city wanted to perform like this tribute to the champion from the previous five years, to a legend in cycling history: Miguel Indurain. The public dreamed of seeing their idol wearing the yellow jersey arrive on the way to his sixth victory, which would have meant an absolute record. But things did not happen that way. Indurain had been grieving throughout the route and ended up succumbing on his land. That was not an obstacle for the fans, some with tears in their eyes, to receive him with the shout: “Indurain, Indurain, Indurain …”.

Spain has organized these days two World Cups that ended yesterday with a different result than imagined. Huelva hosted the badminton championship with his daughter Carolina Marin off the court for a serious injury. Y Granollers celebrated the finals on the handball podium, in this case with the Warriors in the dispute for bronze, which they could not finish off because they collided with a Denmark higher. There was no medal, but there was a future. The Selection female lost two places compared to silver two years before, but made a huge leap up compared to the last European and Olympic Games, with a group of young players who ensure the future. In line with that distant 1996 on the Tour, neither of these two tournaments has turned out as dreamed either. Not even Carolina reigned at home, he didn’t even play. Not even the Warriors climbed into the drawer. But their organization, in both cases, are the deserved and just tribute to an athlete and a historical team of Spanish sport, who have written beautiful pages in recent years. Same as Indurain in Pamplona.

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