Trending News: Australia’s women’s cricket team is winning people’s hearts on social media

We would have often seen the match stop on the ground due to the rain. During which ground personnel quickly lower to the ground and cover it. Recently, a video is being seen more and more on social media, in which everyone praises the Australian national women’s cricket team.

Actually, the 2021-22 Women’s National Cricket League was played during Australia’s national women’s cricket tournament. During this period, the match between Victoria Women and the New South Wales women’s team was affected by rain. When this happened, ground crews were seen struggling a lot to cover the field on the ground.

After which the team of ground personnel arrived soon to cover the field of play. But the wind was so strong that everyone’s efforts were in vain. After which some players from the New South Wales team along with Victoria’s women’s team captain Ellyse Perry helped her out, which everyone is grateful for.

Today, Ellyse Perry can also be seen lying on top of the deck as she helps the ground man cover the pitch. In fact, the wind was so strong that the sheet used to cover the court was being repeatedly blown away by the wind. He did this to save him from flying.


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