One of the important news this week comes from Fernando Alonso and it is that the pilot admitted that he does not want to be involved in the fight Red bull Mercedes. In addition, he insisted that he is focused on making his own races and that he will not help the pilots who are dueling to win the world.

And it is that after Hungarian Grand Prix, where Fernando managed to retain Hamilton for more than 10 laps, at Red Bull they believed that he did it to help Verstappen, but it really was not like that, but it was so that Esteban Ocon got his first podium in F1.

Likewise, team boss Christian Horner stated in his post-race column: “Alonso also seemed to be driving for Red Bull.” There is no doubt that these words were of great surprise to all the fans of the Red Bull team and also to the Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso.

On this occasion, it was Helmut Marko who opted for the talent of the two-time Formula 1 world champion, hinting that the Spaniard supports Verstappen. “We know that Alonso is not a big fan of Hamilton, as we saw in Budapest,” said Marko according to a very important news agency.

The Oviedo heard the words of the Austrian team advisor and did not agree very much and replied: “I have read it this morning, but I always do my own race. Yes, in Hungary we managed to fight Hamilton, but that was mainly due to the track. Mercedes and Red Bull are usually too fast ”.

Finally, he said: “Take a look at Monza, when Bottas came out last and still finished on the podium. So of course I like to fight with good drivers, but I think Red Bull really has to do it on its own this season.


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