Treasury of $ 35 trillion is hidden in this part of the world, China, America and Russia are in the race to grab

Treasure Hidden in the Arctic- India TV Hindi News
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Treasure Hidden in the Arctic


  • Oil and gas hidden in the arctic region
  • America, China and Russia clashed here too
  • Many countries are increasing their military strength

Arctic Region: Given the growing strategic and commercial importance of Artkit, the US has begun to strengthen its hold here. Russia, on the other hand, has deployed military bases and lethal weapons to strengthen its hold. The US State Department issued a statement saying that the Arctic region, which has been a peaceful, stable, prosperous and cooperative region, is of great strategic importance to the US. He said that as one of the eight countries in the Arctic region, the United States is committed to defending its national, economic interests, combating climate change, sustainable development, promoting investment and promoting cooperation among the Arctic regions. and dedicated.

These eight countries include Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Russia and the US. In the midst of the Ukraine war, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday that Russia has restarted hundreds of Soviet-era military bases in the Arctic region. He said that Russia’s military capability in the Arctic is a strategic challenge for NATO. On the other hand, China is describing itself as a country which is close to the Arctic. Its intention is to build a ‘Polar Silk Road’ in the Arctic.

$35 trillion treasure hidden in the Arctic

Experts say that China’s eyes are fixed on the treasures of the Arctic and the new sea route, which is the route that will be revealed to the world after the melting of its ice. A kind of cold war has started here due to the fight between Russia, China and America to increase their influence in the Arctic. The Arctic is one of the few areas on Earth that has not been exploited. The temperature here remains in minus, which is very dangerous for humans. It is also a natural wall for human development and excavation. However, the situation is changing after climate change. About $35 trillion worth of oil and natural gas could be hidden in the Arctic region.

This is the reason why Russia is strengthening its economic and military hold on the Arctic. Along with this, there are a large number of fish here, which can be used to feed the large human population. The Arctic’s protected oil and gas reserves could meet the world’s energy needs. It is believed that 16 percent of the world’s oil and 30 percent of the gas is in the Arctic, which is yet to be discovered. It is present here under the sea.

Arctic ice will melt by 2035

Apart from oil and gas, the Arctic region also has other resources including nickel and platinum. Countries from all over the world are coming here because of this treasure. He is here increasing his military spending and deploying his specially trained army to support his claims. Arctic polar ice is melting rapidly. And some estimates suggest that the Arctic region will be completely ice-free by 2035. It is now possible for seafarers to make their way through the Arctic region to Europe and northern Asia during the summer months.

These new routes are much smaller than the already existing Suez or Panama Canal maritime trade routes. This will take less time for thousands of ships to travel. If we talk about the sea route, then the sea route from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to the city of Shanghai in China was 26 thousand kilometers long. After the construction of the Suez Canal, travel has reduced by 23 per cent. If the journey starts from the Arctic, it will be 24 percent shorter. This will save both fuel cost and time.

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Russia working on building an army stronghold

During the summer months, Russian ships passed through here with the help of ice breakers. This journey will become even easier once the snow subsides. Many countries claim this area, due to which it remains disputed. The US, Denmark, Canada and Norway are concerned about Russia’s growing military power in the Arctic. The Arctic region in particular is becoming a topic of discussion amid the Ukraine war. Russia is the largest country in the world with 11 time zones. Russia fears that its 24,000-km border with the Arctic region is at risk.

This is why the Russian military is focusing so heavily on its military expansion in the Arctic region. Russia has reopened 50 of its military bases in the Arctic. Not only this 10 radar stations have been upgraded. Russia has also strengthened its air force and deployed state-of-the-art MiG-31 fighter jets near the Arctic, capable of causing long-range destruction. In addition, anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles have been deployed. Russian warships are equipped with hypersonic missiles.

US and NATO intensify preparations for victory

Amidst the growing influence of Russia, the US has started making military preparations for the Arctic region. The US is building a series of early warning radar stations from its state of Alaska to Canada, Greenland and Norway. Not only this, America is deploying its fifth generation state-of-the-art fighter jets in Alaska. US and NATO killer submarines often pass under polar ice. Six US Navy warships are now patrolling the Arctic region, which Russia considers its sphere of influence.

The US is trying to convey through its patrol that the Arctic is an international waters. Angered by these steps of America, Russia conducted a live fire drill in the Barents Sea in the year 2019. Norway, which is going to become a new member of NATO adjacent to Russia, has approved the construction of American bases. America also keeps a huge amount of arms and ammunition here. NATO had exercised here in the year 2018 with its 50 thousand soldiers. Canada is also significantly increasing its military strength in this region.

China looting natural resources

On the other hand, China, engaged in plundering natural resources by spreading a net of debt around the world, is now preparing to capture the treasure under the surface of the Arctic Sea. China considers the Arctic an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternational importance, which is not safe for its neighbors in the Arctic. China has built ships capable of conducting research in icy waters to sharpen its hold. China has sent 10 of its scientific research missions to the Arctic region. It is believed that China is now making a nuclear-powered icebreaker.

Not only this, China is now connecting the Arctic with its ambitious Belt and Road project. China is offering countries like Sweden to buy the port. He wants to build a railway line from Finland to China. China had offered to build airports in Greenland and Finland in the year 2018, which Finland rejected. In this way, the Arctic has now become the new arena of domination among the superpowers in the 21st century. However, due to the heavy snow spread here, it will not be easy for any country to extract the treasure of oil and gas.

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