Treasury disbursed more than RD$200,000 million to suppliers and contractors in 2022

More of RD$200,000 million paid by the National Treasury (TN) to suppliers and contractors of the Dominican State in 2022, as reported by the national treasurer, Luis Rafael Delgado Sánchez, in a note sent to the media.

The amount includes US$232.6 million and 20.7 million euros, said the official, who also said that the names of the beneficiaries are published on the institutional page, so that citizens can see these payments transparently

In January 2022, RD$13,941.3 million were paid, US$39 million in dollars and 10.8 million in euros. In February, RD$8,639.9 million and US$357,281 were paid, as well as 62,729 euros.

For the month of March, RD$14,735 million and US$12.3 million and 2,086,823 euros. In April the payment was RD$20,404.7 million, while in dollars it was $15,003,375 and euros 974,299.

In May the amount paid was RD$12,969.9 million and US$6,388,365 dollars and 669,636 euros, added Delgado Sánchez.

For the month of June, the disbursement to State contractors and suppliers was in the order of RD$16,133.1 million and US$17 million, in addition to 372,620 euros.

In July it was in the order of RD$13,099.4 million and US$20.4 million, while in euros the sum reached the amount of one million 81 thousand 224.

For August the payment in pesos was RD$15,312.3 million and US$24,066,367 and 3,802,287 euros. In September it was RD$12,939.7 million, US$16,279,043 dollars, while in euros the amount corresponded to 921,434.

While in the months of October, November and December the payments in pesos reached the sum of RD$12,852.2 million, RD$19,013.8 million and RD$27,093.5 million respectively, argued the National Treasurer.

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Regarding dollars, in October, November and December the payment was US$35,459,235, US$22,354,745, and US$23,806,688 respectively.

Meanwhile, in euros between the months of October, November and December the payment was 2,207, likewise, 8,210 and 13,200 respectively.

These payments made only include those made through the Single Treasury Account System (CUT) from January to December 2022, Luis Rafael Delgado Sánchez concluded, the note says.

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