Traveling sitting on the bonnet of the car became expensive for the bride

A newlywed bride got into trouble for traveling on the bonnet of a car in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

A few days ago, the bride shared a video of her traveling on the bonnet of a car on social media. In the video, it was seen that she was sitting on the bonnet without taking any safety measures and any untoward incident could happen during this time.

The above video of the bride went viral on social media so fast that the traffic police also swung into action. The girl was fined for violating the rules.

A girl named Vernika from Allahpur area had previously driven a scooter without a helmet.

Vernika was fined Rs 15,000 for sitting on the bonnet and Rs 1,500 for riding a scooter without a helmet.

A few days ago, a police officer in the state of Bihar shot the bride on the day of the wedding in a rage over the woman’s refusal to marry him.

The policeman entered the beauty parlor where the lady Apoorva Kumari was getting the bride’s make-up done and was about to tie the knot.

When the accused saw the woman becoming a bride, he got angry and shot her twice. One bullet hit him on the left shoulder while the other missed.

After shooting the woman, the accused tried to commit suicide but could not do so as the pistol slipped from his hand due to panic.

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