Traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just fifty minutes, when will it be possible?

Abu Dhabi: When will the grand project of the Emirates to connect the eleven regions be completed? Officials made a big announcement.

According to the details, Etihad Rail, the United Arab Emirates, has announced that the largest high-speed rail project is progressing rapidly and seventy percent of its work has been completed.

Officials said the project runs to the border of Sharjah and will pass through Fujairah to Ras Al Khaimah, where it will provide a safe and high-speed transportation facility along the coast, passing through unique routes. Carved into a mountain, this is a unique typography.ImageEtihad Rail has shared photos of the grand project on social media, a tweet from Etihad Rail said that our national network passes through the Hajar Mountains and stretches for 145 km.

Regarding the ongoing project, it was informed that seventy percent of the work on this national rail network project has been completed, upon its completion, millions of passengers will be able to travel to all major cities every year.

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The Abu Dhabi Media Office also tweeted that its station will be located in the Shikmaq area, which is located on the east coast.

Officials said that passengers going to Dubai from Abu Dhabi will travel only fifty minutes by this train, while the journey from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah will be completed in 100 minutes. is given

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