Trappes: Mayor Ali Rabeh’s election definitively canceled

The Council of State definitively canceled this Wednesday the 2020 municipal elections in Trappes (Yvelines) won by Ali Rabeh, accusing him of having promoted his candidacy between the two rounds.

In February, the Versailles administrative court canceled this election, after the opposition list Engagement Trappes Citoyens and the elected Othman Nasrou, near Valérie Pécresse, filed an appeal. The court denounced the “propaganda actions” carried out by Ali Rabeh, close to Benoît Hamon, between the two rounds of the 2020 elections.

Ali Rabeh, who challenged this decision, appealed to the State Council, which ultimately rejected his appeal.

According to the decision of the State Council, the association “Hearts of Trappes” has “promoted the candidacy of Ali Rabeh”, its founder, between the two towers.

The association in particular organized a distribution “of about 15,000 masks”, “during a period when surgical masks were only available in small quantities.” These mask sets included “a user manual containing a photo of Ali Rabeh identical to the one used for his electoral propaganda documents and posters.”

However, the Council of State also annulled the ineligibility to which the administrative court had sentenced Ali Rabeh and asked the State to reimburse him for his partner’s accounts.

“The highest court in our country has just confirmed Ali Rabeh’s fraud in the last municipal elections,” Othman Nasrou reacted to AFP, who accuses him of leading a “sectarian and clientelistic” management of the town of Trappes.

In the second round of the June 2020 municipal elections in this city of about 30,000 inhabitants, Ali Rabeh’s list ranked first with 40.40% or 2,023 votes, ahead of Othman Nasrou’s lists (various rights , 37.19%) and Guy Malandain (several left, 22.41%).

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The new municipal elections should be held in the autumn.

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