Home World Transitioning from driver for deputy vice president to tennis coach among millionaires

Transitioning from driver for deputy vice president to tennis coach among millionaires

Transitioning from driver for deputy vice president to tennis coach among millionaires

Caracas.- The opposition figure Juan Guaidó has changed his life in recent years, which has caused discontent among his supporters. For this reason, there is a new controversy surrounding him after he was seen practicing tennis among millionaires from the city of Miami in Florida, USA, which was subject to heavy criticism on social networks.

In the opponent’s CV he stands out from the start as a “bat picker”, driver of the deputies of the National Assembly (AN) for the Voluntad Popular party (VP), he “proclaimed himself” the alleged president of Venezuela and later fled to the USA, where he lives because of the controversy surrounding his sudden economic boom and false promises to a group of followers.

Against this background, Venezuelans continue to ask themselves: “Where does the money come from to live a life of wealth in another country?” The life of luxury that Guaidó leads is difficult to hide, what is happening on social networks, especially with each publication , is increasingly criticized.

Since his arrival in the United States, the enemy has not fully explained what he does and how he manages to pay for the luxury life he openly leads.

“I am an engineer. “I have two postgraduate degrees,” was one of Guaidó’s accusations. However, he remains responsible for some resources that he was managing when he appointed himself interim president, an issue raised by citizens in different parts of the world was sharply criticized.

In an interview, Guaidó pointed out that it is illegal to receive financing from governments abroad. However, he again avoided answering directly about the origin of his resources.

Under the eyes of the FBI

It should be noted that the media recently announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States is investigating the use of millions of funds approved by the White House as “humanitarian aid” to the so-called “interim government.”

According to available information, the FBI visited the headquarters of the EVTV Miami channel, run by the media entrepreneur Carlos Méndez, to question him about the diversion of part of these funds to his media company, as he suspected that a large part of the humanitarian aid came from him The aid supposedly directed to Venezuela ended up in the possession of Méndez and his broadcaster.

It is important to remember that Guaidó is known for creating political instability in the country. He is wanted for, among other things, illicit enrichment and high treason.

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