Transit visa for Pakistanis, clarification from Saudi authorities

RIYADH: Saudi authorities have issued instructions and clarifications regarding transit visas for people coming from Pakistan and other countries.

According to Urdu News, regarding the facility of transit visa by Saudi Arabia, a person inquired whether the visitors from Pakistan can get transit visa.

A State Transit Visa is issued to citizens of any country who are passing through the State to another country.

If a visa is issued from Pakistan to Europe or any other country and a connecting ticket is purchased on a Saudia Air or Nas Air flight before going there, then a transit visa is issued for 4 days with entry to any of Saudi Arabia. Also done by immigration officials stationed at international airports.

Recently, the Saudi authorities have introduced a transit visa which has no fee, but this visa has 2 basic conditions.

First, if the traveler’s destination is another country and he wants to make a short stay in Saudi Arabia on the way, in this case, he is issued a transit visa.

Another important condition is that the transit visa is issued only to the passengers of Saudia or Nas Airlines, this facility is not provided to those traveling by any other airline.

The procedure for obtaining a transit visa will be that air passengers will apply for a transit visa from the electronic platform of Saudi Arabia and Nas Air, which will be automatically transferred to the national visa platform of the Foreign Office.

The Foreign Office will process it immediately and issue a digital visa which will be sent to the candidate via email.

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