Transfers FC Barcelona | Sergi Roberto wants to sneak it into Laporta again

Atlético calls FC Barcelona to ask about Sergi Roberto

From the environment of the multifunctional footballer a decision is known about his immediate future

Sergi Roberto It is one of the operations that they will have to solve soon at FC Barcelona. That is why Joan Laporta and company are aware of what could happen with this squad that has shown versatility for a long time, but injuries have played a trick on him.

Let’s remember that Sergi Roberto He is a player who can play as a right back, this being his natural position, but he can also be a midfielder and pivot. This condition makes him almost a wild card for coaches, but he has recently lost relevance. He is very prone to injury and this has left him out for a long time.

The catalan wants to renew for one more year with the culés

Sergi Roberto already begins to talk about his future at FC Barcelona

In this way, it has now been possible to know the position of the Reus player with respect to his continuity. And it is that his current contract expires in June 2023, so you should start talking about continuing or ending that link. At the moment, the idea of ​​the side is to continue for much longer.

It should be noted that Sergi Roberto got the renewal for one more year a season ago. He did this by lowering the salary he had at that time, since he was one of the pieces called out. Now, he could use a similar figure and have an even lower salary to play longer at Camp Nou.

The player wants to continue and could reduce his salary once again

That is why the player wants to sneak it back into Laporta with a renewal to ensure another year in Barcelona. As for sports, it is effective that should come out immediately since his downtime and his performance when available give much to be desired.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. For the moment, Sergi Roberto is clear that he wants to continue as much as possible in the FC Barcelona. Of course, from Joan Laporta and Xavi Hernández they know that their cycle has already ended and they want the final goodbye to be given at the end of their contract.


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