Transfers FC Barcelona | Bellerín offered to Betis at a closed price

 Transfers FC Barcelona |  Bellerín offered to Betis at a closed price

The novel between the right back and the Verdiblanco club continues to steal the interest of Betic fans but much more of the coaching staff headed by Manuel Pellegrini who wants the return of the Catalan

15 days before the winter market closes, the Real Betis activates his machinery again to close once and for all the signing of Hector Bellerin. At the Camp Nou they know the desire that the Sevillian team has to have the right wing back again who in one season proved to be up to what is required in Heliópolis.

Torque to speed up the output of Hector Bellerin at FC Barcelona, ​​Mateu Alemany has already communicated to the offices of the Betis and he sent them the price they have to pay to get the sports rights of the player. The offer is being analyzed by Antonio Cordón and the response will be issued this week.

At Betis they want the signing of Héctor Bellerín at any cost and with the price that Barcelona has given him, the operation is almost a fact.

A real bargain that Betis has on hand with the signing of Héctor Bellerín

At this time the right-back is valued at 15 million euros but his contract ends in the next summer market. The price that the Verdiblanco club will have to pay to take the player’s entire pass is only 2 kilos. This has been stated from the offices of the Barça team.

The despair to get out of this and other discards of Xavi is so great that they are willing to lose a few million to speed up the process. However, in the case of Bellerín it would be no loss since he arrived at Barca with the letter of freedom from Arsenal. In any case, 2 kilos is a bargain for Betis and it is impossible to imagine that they will not take advantage of it.

Despite everything, Betis awaits Héctor Bellerín

In the Betic squad there is a right-back that does not count for Pellegrini and that they also want to start because it is a discard. That is Martín Montoya, who still has a contract with the Sevillian entity until 2024. The signing of the Catalan winger who right now has his bags ready at the Camp Nou depends on this departure.

Héctor Bellerín is assured of a number of minutes for this second part of the season. But it is hard to imagine that this will be the case with Youssouf Sabaly there. However, what the Chilean coach intends to do is send the Senegalese to the other side and the former Arsenal would occupy the right wing. In this way they two would be the starting wingers at least for the remainder of the season.


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